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2020- Present

PhD Candidate

Griffith University

Integration of digital marketing presents unique opportunities for luxury sports brands and consumers to find new ways to exchange value like never before - without the restraints of time, cost or location. 

In luxury sports, an opportunity exists to reimage the value exchanges in relationships with their consumers (fans). Research is needed on how to develop stronger brand relationships and oversee these contributions to deliver a consistent brand message.

Queensland, Australia


Project Officer

The project involved the support of a grant between QUT, CSIRO and Vietnam. 

The role was focused around the development of project planning documents with measurable deadlines, and to liaise with stakeholders to ensure deliverables would be met on time. 

QUT University 

Queensland, Australia


Lecturer & Tutor

The role involved preparing and delivering a 2 hour lecture weekly, marketing and communicating with students via email and face-to-face.


Additionally, as lead Tutor, I created tutorial content to support the course's learning objectives and ensure for consistent message delivery. 

QUT University 

Queensland, Australia

2017 - 2018

Head Tutor and Tutor

The role involved personally managing 22+ Tutors across multiple campuses to ensure consistent course delivery.


The key duties included; development of course materials (i.e. PowerPoint slides, rubrics, etc), publishing weekly updates on our webpage, moderate marking, provide training, delivery of course content, and support to the team and manage sensitive student matters. 

Griffith University

Queensland,  Australia


Project Administrator 

The role involved accurate administration of a large research project between Griffith University and Queensland Health during a major relocation of a urban hospital. 


The key duties included; engaging with multiple stakeholders, conducting interviews for data collection purposes, data analysis, assisting with paper editing, completing paperwork and prioritisation of tasks to ensure the project ran to schedule. 

Griffith University and Queensland Health Partnership

Queensland,  Australia



As a strong competitor of the Fastrack challenge, a six-week placement with Deloitte was offered. The role offered opportunities to work on a variety of projects for the firm’s largest clients.

The key duties included; engaging with multiple stakeholders, assisting with the development of PowerPoint presentations, Report writing, and completing research. 

Deloitte Consultancy 

Queensland,  Australia



Griffith University

The year long project explored how internal branding can be used to assist during a major relocation of a hospital to new purposely-built facility. 



1st Class Honours 

Academic Excellence Award

Commonwealth Scholarship


2017 - 2012

Griffith University 

Double Majors: 






Elijiz, K., Gapp, R., Avery, M., Booth, J., Brandis, S., Fitzgerald, A., Fisher, R., Marshall, A., McPhail, R.. (under review). Moving from normal to new normal: relocating an acute public referral hospital to a Greenfield site. Management Decision.


Wilkinson, A. 2015 (ed). Professionals Under Pressure, Oxford Handbook for Health Managers. Chapter 12 Brandis, S, Fitzgerald, A., Avery, M., McPhail, R., and Booth, J.

*Additional papers are under development

Conference papers:
Fitzgerald, A., Booth, J., Cully, A., and Radford. K. (2019) Towards redefining eldergogy: a systematic literature review to understand how older people learn. ANZAM, Cairns, Australia: CQ University.


Booth, J., Ross, M., & McPhail, R. (2017). Will the grass be greener on the other side? Managing employees’ buy-in of change by leveraging employees’ internal brand identification, ANZAM, Melbourne, Australia: RMIT.


Booth, J., McPhail, R. & Ross. M. (2016). Selling A New Brand Internally: challenges of obtaining generating support through internal marketing communications, ANZAM, Brisbane, Australia: Queensland University of Technology.


Professional skillset

Relationship Marketing

Go-to-Market Planning

Teamwork & Collaboration

Digital Marketing Analytics

Excellent Written and Verbal Communication 

Lecturing and Tutoring 


English (native)

German (Beginner) 

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